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Mindset Coaching and Success Strategy for Aviation Executives & Aviators

Get excited about who you really are

I can tell you right now, you’re all kinds of fantastic
Want a life that gives you tingles?

Then you’re in the right place.

So many of us strive to reach a goal and then realise it’s nothing like we imagined.

Maybe you nailed the dream, big and bold, but now that bright light of success is flickering – and you have no idea where to turn next?

You’re stuck like a limpet to a rock. Even if you think of making a move you can’t.

What can you do when dissatisfaction rears its head or your motivation dives off the nearest cliff?

How can you navigate change when the waves crash in and takes everything you worked so hard for?

You can PIVOT

Wave limitations goodbye

Own your strengths and use them to be and do what you most desire

Create a shining brand new Plan A

I’ll show you HOW!

mindset coaching
Can’t seem to ride the tide?

What’s holding you back?

Feeling stuck?

Second-guessing, feeling unsure?

Maybe you’re bingeing booze, food, Netflix or the gym trying to ease the churning in your gut.

What are you running from?

Let’s make an escape plan, swim free of the undercurrent, and move forward.

This close to burnout?

Your life is a series of never-ending to-do’s.

You look like you have it together, but it’s getting harder to perform, harder to give.

You’re exhausted, anxious, stressed.

Get mindset coaching and success strategies to manage it all – without losing your mind.

Asking BIG life questions?

Niggling voices in your head keep asking…
“Is this all there is?”

You suspect you aren’t treading the right path but you’re so far out of touch with what you want, where would you begin?

Say yes to a purposeful life, feel whole and get excited about waking up each day.

Stop running, stop numbing and dive in.

Turn your inner critic into your inner champion

Success, Life & Mindset Coaching

Executive and Team Leadership Coaching

Online Coaching Programmes

Meditation, Reiki and Yoga

Weave your past glory into a shining new story

Take a sneaky peek into how I’ll help you pivot

Waves crash…and reform. I’ve pivoted more than most and along the way developed skills and programmes to help you masterfully navigate change.

Tailored programmes combine transformative coaching methodologies with wellness practices such as meditation, reiki and yoga. Sprinkle in these therapies like salt and pepper.

I’ve worked with entry level, middle manager and C-Suite execs, entrepreneurs, teams and online. I’ve seen them all pivot and ace the life they shoot for.

Let the weight fall from your shoulders. We’ll work in a safe space free from judgement and criticism while you discover new perspectives.

I work with you to supercharge your own unique qualities and strengths, so success feels natural, easy and achievable. Weave your past glory into your new story and be the most fulfilled person you know!

Meet Your Guide

Who, or what, is Sarah-the-Pivoter?

Hey, I’m Sarah. Master Pivoter. Corporate Escapee. Inner Explorer. Success Coach. The go-getting girl who has always wanted to ace life.

My training for Olympic figure skating took drive and dedication – probably the perfect primer for my entry into the aviation industry. The pay? The perks? I loved it all. The spins, the falls? I was high on the adrenaline. It was a wild ride.

I spent 15 years surfing the waves of exec living and training others how to ace it too.

But slowly I discovered that my version of success had changed.

Yes, the grit, determination and drive got me a good part of the way. But I’ve learned that real success – true, lasting, sustainable success – comes from something far more extraordinary.

Warning: It may not be more cash, more titles or more awards. (Or, it MAY be!)

Still want to tap that?

I’ll help you develop the insights and skills you need to build your sustainable success. It may not look at all how you picture it right now, but isn’t discovery the ultimate adventure?

A little not-so-humble brag never hurt anyone

(Otherwise known as “I’m proud to have been featured in…”)
Ready for More?

Pick your signature success, leadership and mindset coaching programme

life and mindset coaching

SUCCESS with Sarah The Pivoter

Deep-dive your goals, retune your vision and smash your mental blocks in my powerful group coaching programme designed to propel you on a fast-track to success as you want it.

mindset coaching daily habits course

30 Day Mindset Reboot

For those who like to do the work – and see results – in three mins or less a day.

Yes! You can…

This is how we’ll work together to tailor your personal success plan – in two skips and a stretch

The Pivot Point three C’s process for transformative change

Step 1


On our call, we pinpoint exactly where you are now and what’s holding you back. Get ready to go exploring!

Step 2


We’ll reflect and mine your blocks, and I’ll create a guided pathway for you to find new clarity and exciting change.

Step 3

Cleared For Action

As you start taking action your capacity to handle day-to-day stressors and challenges grows. You’ll find renewed hope and energy.

What’s your pivot potential?

I’m 100% certain it’s possible for everyone to pivot into a life with more success, more happiness and more fulfilment.

I’ll guide and support you with warmth and empathy. I’ll give you all the tools you need.

But the truth of it is, only YOU can do the work.

This is what it takes. If you read these four traits of a great Pivot Point client and your gut says “Yes”,
grab a surfboard…

…We’re ready to ride this powerful wave of change together.

Take action

Committing to small, simple daily actions speeds big change. I can show you a dream island, but you have to swim to reach it. Breast stroke or butterfly, it’s up to you…

Get disciplined

The work you’ll do lasts longer than each session. The tasks I’ll give you will lead you faster to your big pivot point and authentic, sustainable success. Will you do the work?

Dig deep

No doubt about it, I’m going to ask you to probe, but the reward for answering tough questions is freedom and the power to move on. I’ll provide safety, support and guidance while you get busy getting real.

Make time to realign

It’s impossible to achieve the calm and clarity you need to reflect, re-energise and redefine on a go-go-go schedule. If you live in the fast lane, please commit to some slow-down time.

Stress less, accomplish more

Ready to go steady with your A-game?

Sarah Keates, Founder, White Orchid Insights

“Sarah’s endless enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy is infectious.”

Ekta Tejwani, Founder, Meetmumz

“Sarah is like a spark in a dark room! Her energy and enigma to turn anything into “light” is beyond amazing. From a room to a conversation to the dreaded feeling I had about wearing a mask, she brightens up everything!”

Here’s what other clients say about me…

“I highly recommend working with Sarah to anyone looking to find their purpose, flow and tap back into what matters most to them. The fantastic tools she provides set us up for both personal resilience and organisational resilience, for those looking to build more engaged, productive and purpose-led workplaces.”
Liz Bradford

Head of APAC Strategy & Chief of Staff, Commercial Banding HSBC

“I am very grateful for the opportunity of having Sarah as my mentor very early on in my career, as she helped guide me to maximize my potential. This has allowed me to grow professionally and excel both at work and in my other pursuits.”

Vrushali Suvarna

Assistant Portfolio Manger, AXA

“Sarah has helped me to become more resilient, build more awareness and be more mindful of my mental wellness. These changes would not have been possible without her commitment and professionalism. I learnt a lot during my 3-month coaching sessions, and it has given me tenacity, grit and resilience to conquer new heights both in my personal capacity as well as my professional career.”

Melody Phillips

Sales Engineer, Jetcraft Corporation

Get out of your head
Own your thoughts
Love your life
It’s all 101% possible

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