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Captivate your audience with compelling edu-tainment that is sure to land.

Complex concepts are distilled down until they’re like the best whiskey you’ve ever had.

Prepare for some sass, a lot of puns and reflection as I challenge the status quo of very serious topics that affect your life, your leadership and the aviation & aerospace industries.

“Sarah is a spark for change and breath of fresh air”ย – from those who work with me.

The PIVOT is your superpower. Take your most challenging situations and use them to fuel new perspective, fresh approaches and unique solutions.

Sarah the Pivoter | Professional Speaker
Sarah Keates, Founder, White Orchid Insights

โ€œSarah’s endless enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy is infectious.โ€

Adam Hartley, Business Aviation Leader, NBAA’s 40 under 40, SDC2023 Chair

โ€œSarah is an intentional speaker that captivates the audience and takes you on a journey. Her session at NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers 2023 was standing room only and the positive feedback was overwhelming. She has an interactive and high-energy presentation style that is both visionary and practical with examples that prompt self-reflection.

Sarah’s genuine care and understanding of the industry set her apart. With Sarah as your speaker, your audience will benefit from her credible insights and will leave with a lasting impact.ย โ€

Meet Your Speaker

Who, or what, is Sarah-the-Pivoter?

Hey, I’m Sarah. Master Pivoter. Corporate Escapee. Philosophical Explorer. Podcast Host. Published Author and Poet. The go-getting girl always up for adventure… My motto is YES, And!ย 

I always wanted to ace life. Olympic focused figure skating training took drive and dedication โ€“ probably the perfect primer for my entry into the business aviation industry. The pay? The perks? I loved it all. The spins, the falls? I was high on the adrenaline. It’s been a wild ride.

I spent 15 years surfing the waves of exec living and training others how to ace it too. And, slowly I discovered that my version of success had changed. In fact, it continues to evolve.

Yes, the grit, determination and drive got me a good part of the way. But I’ve learned that real success โ€“ true, lasting, sustainable success โ€“ comes from something far more extraordinary and simple.

Choosing significance, every day. As a leader. As a friend. As a human being.

I believe a speech has the power to change the world and the people in it. I’ll help your audience reach the insights needed for inspired action, long after the event concludes. It may not look at all how you picture it right now, but isn’t discovery the ultimate adventure? What if it isย even betterย than you ever imagined?

A little not-so-humble brag never hurt anyone

(Otherwise known as “I’m proud to have been featured in…”)

Here’s what other clients say about me…

“I highly recommend working with Sarah to anyone looking to find their purpose, flow and tap back into what matters most to them. The fantastic tools she provides set us up for both personal resilience and organisational resilience, for those looking to build more engaged, productive and purpose-led workplaces.”

Liz Bradford

Head of APAC Strategy & Chief of Staff, Commercial Banking HSBC

When reflecting on the CALS event,ย I must say that speaking with you was an absolute highlight. Taking part of your round table on Organisational Health was insightful and gave me a lot to reflect on. I highlighted your organization as a top resource that I believe could help our Team achieve Next Level status.

Chris Wagner

International Operations and Logistics Specialist, PlaneSense

I am thrilled to endorse Sarah without hesitation. From the very beginning, Sarah’s professionalism, reliability, and natural ability to engage our audience were evident, and she was a joy to work with. If you have the opportunity to work with or hear Sarah speak, seize it. You will not be disappointed.

Kellie Rittenhouse

Certified Aviation Manager and Customer Service Champion, Hangar Aviation Management, LLC

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