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“I help people and companies to find their edge and pivot during times of change. I learned the importance of this at a young age while training for the Olympics as a figure skater. The toe pick is crucial to being able to pivot, however, it often causes beginners to stumble. With awareness, lots of practice and the willingness to get back up again, pivots start to appear graceful and effortless. Likewise, in life, when we stumble, we can pivot back into success and opportunity.”

 Founder, Pivot Point

About Sarah

“Remember, the glass is always refillable” 

“I founded Pivot Point after the second forced career change in my life. Having experienced adversity, the greatest lesson I have learned is that the glass is always refillable. I work with individuals at all stages of their career to define and achieve their goals to achieve a purposeful, fulfilling life. From entry level, middle manager, or C-Suite, we all have room for personal and professional growth. Get in touch and let’s talk!”

Sarah Kalmeta, former senior leader in the corporate world and founder of Pivot Point. Focusing on those going through transition, Sarah explores the other side of high performance and the impact it has on peoples’ lives, both personally and professionally. She has an integrated approach to address the triangle of “Mind, Body and Spirit” to work with executives, young professionals and those starting out in their career to enhance their professional presence, maintain healthy boundaries and live authentic lives while addressing the symptoms of burnout and overwhelm.

Sarah was my very first manager, when I started my career in business aviation. She hired me as an intern and offered me a full time position upon graduating.

Sarah believes in giving people opportunities and exploring their inner potential. She is someone who inspires me and the women in the business aviation industry look up to her as well.

Over the course of working with Sarah, I have always admired her work ethic and her attitude of giving a 100% in everything she does. Even to this date, I still consider her as my mentor and we work together; as volunteers for AsBAA Discovery. It is a non- profit organization, where we help educate students in Asia about the importance of business aviation.

Sarah leads the AsBAA Discovery organization in Asia and it is very rewarding to be working with her in growing this initiative.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of having Sarah as my manager & mentor very early on in my career, as she helped me maximize my potential, which has allowed me to grow professionally and excel in my career. Most recently, she helped me pivot into my current role at AXA.

Assistant Portfolio Manager at AXA General Insurance Hong Kong –

Vrushali Suvarna

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