Pivot Point was founded on the idea that anyone can navigate life’s big U-turns to achieve new levels of success, happiness and satisfaction.

That includes you.

Tyler Losey, EF Education First

“Sarah Kalmeta is a leader who leads by example: she’s efficient, outgoing, results-driven and full of enthusiasm. Sarah is very approachable and having her as a thought partner has been outstanding.”

You see, I never had a Plan B

I always wanted a LOT from life. I wanted success, accolades, recognition.

I wanted to be an Olympic figure skater.

And I trained HARD.

I was on the ice by 5am, perfecting turns while my school friends ate Cap’n Crunch. I packed in another two hours every day after the school bell rang.

My summers clashed on-ice strength training, with ballet, choreography and weights from 7am – 5pm. I didn’t mind. My heart soared every time I perfected a jump.

In my heart I was headed toward gold.

But injury stole my Olympic dreams and that glory wasn’t meant to be.

It was a hard fall.

It was also the first real chance I had to pivot…

Naturally, I went all in on a new direction. Channelling that drive, determination and, if I’m honest, anger and upset, into a life in aviation.

After 15 years training high flyers I thought I had life all figured out. But as you may have guessed, life had other ideas. (Doesn’t it always?)

I climbed the corporate ladder again and again, and I LOVED that climb. I loved making connections, seeing my trainees thrive. I aced targets. Revelled in the recognition. It was fast, that world. It was pressured. It was exhilarating.

Until it wasn’t.

Slowly I realised the daily grind had stopped fuelling my energy.

The pace was exhausting.

I was exhausted.

Sassy Sarah became serious Sarah,
consumed by goals, figures, targets and to-do lists.

And then serious Sarah became anxious Sarah.

What if I couldn’t keep smashing goals and pleasing everyone?

How would I keep the momentum going?

Just as I had after my skating injury, I felt powerless – like ocean waves were crashing, trying to pull me under.

Only this time I didn’t battle tide. I gave in.
And discovered something extraordinary…

I dived deep, like a treasure diver, searching my soul for hidden gems, until I found that drive and determination were no longer enough.

Real, sustainable success meant looking inside.

As I called out my critical thoughts, faced my fears, got brave, took risks and – gasp – scheduled in a little rest and reflection every day, it all shifted.

This was no Plan B. You see, I wasn’t settling. I was realigning.

I was pivoting.

In the process, I uncovered a whole new shining Plan A.

Five years ago, this fulfilling, giving life I’ve made was hidden under my go-go-go autopilot lifestyle, unseen, unrealised. Today? I wake up zinging with possibility (even without a green juice).

When people around me saw my transformation, they wanted tips, then training. I got trained. Then I got asked to partner, to speak, to lead big, corporate trainings.

Of course, as a coach, there’s nothing I like better than to share…

Sound familiar?

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Perhaps more importantly…

Here’s what some of my clients say
Richie Luke, SEO Specialist

“If you are looking for a Life Coach, Sarah Kalmeta is fantastic!”

Dr. Tess Brown, Clinical Psychologist

“I worked alongside Sarah in my role at Goldman Sachs, where she facilitated a fantastic, informative training on setting personal resilience goals. The feedback from the participants and my team alike was highly positive. I would highly recommend Sarah and very much hope to work with her again in the future.”

Melody Philips, Sales Engineer, Jetcraft

“Sarah’s coaching skills and techniques are very helpful and holistic. I have grown more confident with each session. Every session is unique, enjoyable and I continue learning more with so many different skills and tools that Sarah helps me with. If you ever wanted a life coach and not sure how to get started, then I highly recommend Sarah Kalmeta.”

Pivot Point - Sarah Kalmeta
Did you know?

A few tidbits clients may not know…

Big fan of old skool notebooks, losing myself in libraries, and spinning vinyl (can’t get enough Pink Floyd).

Thursday is my favourite day. (What’s yours?)

If I was a famous personality, it’d be a tie between Lara Croft and the dazzlingly daring Dora the Explorer.

I support Stripe Climate to fight climate change.

And I’m a devoted plant mom.

But let’s not lose ourselves…

Pivot Point - Sarah Kalmeta

I’ve helped thousands of people who were feeling stuck, overwhelmed and stressed to pivot, reimagine their success, and find a life they love.

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