From Reacting to Readjusting to Reimagining

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Reflections on the past year and 3 ways to Re-Create our Lives in 2021

“Wow, what a year!” I think we can all agree that this thought went through our heads as we heaved a collective sigh of relief around the globe as clocks struck midnight. With that sigh came the inevitable look to the future and with it, perhaps heavy hearts.

We have all been through forced change of one form or another. Whilst the tendency is to react, we have had to adjust. We are moving from reacting to reframing, and from readjusting over and over to reimagining our lives in 2021 and beyond. With this mindset comes great reflection, loss, contemplation, but also an opportunity to reimagine perceived losses and re-creating the realities we face.

We learned lessons of resilience in 2020 – fall down 7, stand up 8. We are now able to re-create our beliefs, behaviours, habits and systems to design our lives in a way that
aligns with our values, supports our communities, and is mindful of the environment.

We have been stripped bare and anyone who has had the “naked” dream knows how uncomfortable this process can be. But from our most raw form we can rebuild our lives and with that comes agency and choice. Out with complex and stressful excess and in with Conscious Simplicity.

The popularity of minimalism is nothing new. Life happens in cycles and history has a way of repeating itself. We have lessons from the previous cycle and (the hope is), humanity advances.

Reflections on 2020

1. Nature
Connecting to nature is incredibly important. Being outside, breathing fresh air, listening to the wind rustle the leaves and watching the animals simply be what they are has helped me to get out of my head and be who I am. It has allowed me to remove the filters of busyness and look at life through the lens of awareness, leading to more conscious decision making.

2. Breathwork
Speaking about breathing, breathwork is one of the simplest, yet most powerful tools I have ever implemented that creates benefits across all areas of my life including business, relationships and reducing stress and anxiety levels. There is a noticeable difference in my internal state and ability to be creative and productive when I take time for myself and breathe mindfully, fully oxygenating my lungs.

3. Connection
I used to think that I had to do everything on my own and that it was a sign of weakness to ask for help. A lot of this had to do with the implicit messages I absorbed in my youth and society’s obsession with individual success, especially in western cultures. This past year has shown me the value of true, deep connection and how I am just as responsible for cultivating it as is the other person. Allowing myself to connect with others individually and in community allow me to be a part of something bigger, something outside of myself.


Recreate Your Life in 2021

1. Play
Playfulness brings you into the present moment and invites connection to yourself and others. A few weeks ago, I played tag with a group of people ranging from their 20s to 50+, and it was just as much fun as when I was 8! Perhaps even better, as it quieted the mind and fed the soul while deepening bonds within the community.

Pursue joy for the sake of joy itself, and not only for the quest to achieve. “Aunty Sarah” (me) learned this from a 7-year-old, Luca. It’s a simple alchemy that can bring the magic we experienced in childhood into our adult lives.

2. Awareness
Awareness increases your capability to notice what is going on within and with others, making you a better friend, partner and leader at work. Build your ability to stay in the present moment. Some simple strategies include:

-Going for a walk and paying attention to all 5 senses without listening to music or a podcast -Breathwork; not only can it improve awareness, but it also boosts immunity, helps process emotions and reduces stress and anxiety.
-Practice active listening with your friends and colleagues without interrupting them. Fully immerse yourself in what they have to say and sit in silence with it before responding.

3. Movement
2020 was full of stagnant energy and many felt stuck. 2021 is the year to MOVE, and it starts with moving the body. Not athletic? That’s OK! Set the alarm clock just 15 minutes earlier and move the body gently by going for a walk or performing simple stretches (especially important for desk warriors) to wake up can set an empowering tone for the day.

If not now, when? It’s time to pivot away from focusing on what we lost and find joy in what we still have, and for what is to come.

Energy Reset with me in 2021

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In my new Energy Reset sessions, I will guide you through different practices in a quick, but powerful, 45-minute session including breathwork, movement and mindfulness so that you can have the tools to integrate these practices into your daily life.

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I have a feeling 2021 is going to be magical. How about you?

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