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Take a deep breath and get ready to live your best life with careers coaching from Pivot Point.

Students and Under 25s

You are about to take your first steps into your career, are you ready? Take a deep breath and get ready to live your best life with careers coaching from Pivot Point. Sarah will help you find you to define your reach goals and provide a step-by-step plan to make them happen.

Educational Institutions

I am available for careers guidance seminars, small group workshops, and specialist training programmes. To book me, get in touch.

Common Scenarios

“I am ready to apply for my first job and I have no idea where to start”

” I don’t know where to start when it comes to explaining my experience”

“How do I define my skills?”

“How do I make a 2 year plan?”

How I can help

I’m in a great school, how do I embrace this?


Making the most of school life by being part of the community

I don’t like
my course


Making a new plan that works for you

I find studying so problematic


Learn how to ask for and get help

I need to present at school and I’m terrified


Getting over fears and learning new skills

Here’s what some of my clients say

Aakriti Jain, HKU MBA Candidate

“Sarah is a dynamic, enthusiastic and supportive mentor. I remember as I reached out to her and got to speak with her, she made me feel so comfortable and was extremely encouraging. In my conversations her resilient nature immediately stood out to me and this was critical as I first interacted with her during the challenging COVID-19 period.

She was able to provide me with actionable insights and advice I could apply and that helped me greatly in my endeavours. She is able to break complex problems into simpler ones to tackle in a structured manner.

Sarah is an excellent communicator and very empathetic, and was able to understand me in a short span of time and give me great advice. I am grateful for having the opportunity to know her and learn from her and would recommend her to my peers as a mentor.”

Jenny Lau, Sino Jet

“Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic trainers I have met. Her passion to help deepen interests and foster young talent into professionals in the workplace really impresses me.

From the successful launch and operation of AsBAA Discovery, the Asian Business Aviation Associations youth development program, Sarah has distinguished herself as a highly respected ambassador to the business aviation community. I have witnessed Sarah using her exceptional skills and knowledge in creating joint programmes with many renowned institutions across Asia-Pacific.

Under her leadership, AsBAA Discovery has become the pathway for young enthusiasts to get into business aviation.”

Ready to Pivot?

Don’t be afraid to start over. This time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.

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