Awaken Your Inner Fire

August 22, 2021
One day wellness retreat with mountain and sea view @ Amtarda Villa (CWB). Awaken your inner fire and ignite your passions.

Awaken your inner fire and ignite your passions with Sabrina Villard (V-Healing Founder) and Sarah Kalmeta (Pivot Point Founder) at a powerful one day retreat at the beautiful Amtarda Villa.

Join us for a day of luscious extravagance, hidden away from the rushing pace of Hong Kong, as we explore who we truly are. We will explore and unblock hidden obstacles dampening our fire before we move and connect with our bodies and the elements. Allowing ourselves to unfold and uncover our true self as we flow through a powerful yoga session before settling down to connect and integrate the lessons from the day.

Sabrina Villard, Founder of V-Healing

Sabrina is a shaman whose unique practice melds ancient spiritual wisdom and methodology with an understanding of the modern challenges faced by those living in a fast-paced city such as Hong Kong. Sabrina focuses on empowering you to remove any emotional blockages and misconception of yourself , allowing you to move forward in life with positive focus and conviction.

Sarah Kalmeta , Founder Pivot Point

Sarah “the Pivoter” offers tailored programs that combine transformative coaching methodologies with wellness practices such as meditation, Reiki, and yoga. As Sarah guides you, you’ll cultivate awareness and tap into your true motivation, vision and goals. You’ll regain your focus and re-frame your challenges to propel growth, CREATE opportunities and see amazing results.


HKD $2580 p.p.

Price includes an exquisite scenic lunch provided by Amtarda Chef.

*For serious allergies, or any dietary restrictions please inform us as soon as possible, and at least 72 hours in advance. Kindly note that we will not be able to accommodate your allergy or dietary requirements without sufficient notice. Thank you for your consideration.

Other Payment Options

Direct payment to V-Healing through Bank Transfer or Payme available upon request.

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Instagram: @Vhealing ; @sarahthepivoter ; @Amtarda



 Awaken your Inner Fire image
 Awaken your Inner Fire image
 Awaken your Inner Fire image

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