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I have been promoted to a management position and I am not sure how to assert authority and get respect. Can you help?
Certainly! Often, this is an issue of confidence and imposter syndrome. Transitioning from a high performing individual contributor to a manager leading others is difficult, especially as the shift from colleague to direct report shifts the dynamic.

I can help you by exploring the common pitfalls together. We will then work on practical, easy to implement micro-steps that will develop your leadership skills.

I want to apply to a top university, and I need guidance on strategy. How are you different to a career’s guidance counsellor?
A careers guidance counsellor will help you determine which industries you are most suited for based on the type of careers you believe are best a best fit for you. While I can also assist you in this area, we will focus more on making sure you are not only prepared for the entire process but also feeling confident!

We will work together to fine tune your skills so you can ace your university interviews and choose the best fit. Applying to any competitive position requires strategy. I am here to help give you your best chance of success through applying proven application strategies.

What does the service cost?
Please contact me to discuss pricing. While I do have an hourly rate, for corporate clients, workshops, or transformation packages we will design the best service to help you pivot into success.
How can I access your service?
I am physically based in Hong Kong, but I work with clients all over the globe using Zoom and other virtual platforms. We will work together to find the best time and delivery method for your needs.
I have had a few setbacks and I have lost confidence; how can you help?
First, please remember that no one is immune from knocks to their confidence, no matter how senior in their career. We all need a boost at times to remind us of our capabilities and teach us how to use the many tools around us. Through experiential learning and my proven techniques, we will regain your confidence together.
Do new jobs really exist right now?
Yes! With every change comes opportunity. When air travel became reality for the masses, it did not take away other modes of transport such as driving or rail. However, innovative companies and individuals pivoted and transformed their businesses to stay relevant. As technology advances and our world changes, the nature of jobs may shift, but they still exist.
During COVID-19, training budgets are being cut. Why should companies avoid this?
It is no coincidence that the most successful companies in any industry also have a solid corporate culture that invests in their team. As companies closely scrutinise expenses to mitigate the financial impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, training budgets can be the first to being slashed. Businesses should resist the temptation to cut training budgets – they are needed now more than ever. Some companies tend to make training a low priority. This can lead to high staff turnover, unnecessary employee stress, and a loss in sales, as new staff require training and time to build business relationships with customers.
How is team training and morale linked to business success?
Employers can get ahead via savvy human resources practices, team training, and a commitment to adopting a continuous culture of professional development. When staff are happy and satisfied, they are inevitably more productive. HR is not just about the movement of staff; they require a strategic seat at the executive table. If we look at companies including Amazon, Google, and Facebook – HR is embraced as being fundamental to growth.
How training budgets be justified during a pandemic?
Because attracting and retaining talent is vital to growth. The top performing companies will always want to attract and retain talent, regardless of market conditions. To be attractive to the industry’s top candidates, employers should take seriously their corporate culture in relation to supporting their employees to develop. Many businesses are run by word-of-mouth, and it’s easy for a disaffected former employee to damage your company’s reputation.
Who is suitable for coaching?
Pivot Point offers three platforms tailored to the needs of corporate business, students and educational institutions, and individuals. The service is intended for anyone going through a transition, looking for a boost, or feeling stuck. Whether you are a student looking for your first job, a high potential employee facing your first manager role, a mid-to-senior manager struggling with team dynamics, or a c-suite executive looking to inspire the teams you lead, I am here to help. We all have room for personal and professional growth; through Pivot Point we will access your full potential and develop a growth mindset.
Who is Sarah Kalmeta?
Sarah Kalmeta is founder of Pivot Point. After university, Kalmeta worked in a variety of roles in business aviation over the past 12 years, including living in Asia for the past 10 years. Drawing on the experience of two forced career changes and a track record of coaching and mentoring teams, Kalmeta knows the value of career planning and can identify with individuals and corporations going through, or preparing for, profound change.
What sort of projects can Sarah help with?
Pivot Point can help with short term projects, Aircraft Entry-into-Service (EIS) inductions and team restructuring initiatives. There is never a bad time to improve!

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