Resilience is Your Superpower

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2020 is a year we will never forget. It is a year that will change everything forever, most dramatically: aviation, careers, and education.

It is scary when the wave that has carried you thus far comes crashing down on top of you. You don’t know which way to turn or what side is up. I know this, having been through two forced pivots in my career – the first during the Global Financial Crisis and now, during COVID-19. In my first position after graduation, the first experience of a forced and unexpected pivot left me shaken, unable to quell the anxiety and worry.

“Will I ever find another job? Why did this happen to me? How can I possibly recover? What will people think of me?”

I was embarrassed. I was not the one to stumble, to fall. But yet there I was, and guess what? The world kept turning, and I got back up again. After allowing myself some time to have a pity party, I rose to the challenge to redefine myself and create the life I wanted. When nothing is there to keep you in the harbour, you are free to explore the open sea and be the captain of your own ship – responsible for your life instead of allowing life to happen to you.

It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Let me repeat that. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. I learned more about myself in the following 06 months than I had over the last several years. I created new opportunities and rose up time and time again. I left everything behind and went on an ADVENTURE and started anew in Asia. I lived in three different countries, met countless amazing and inspiring people and opened my eyes to new ways of thinking, doing and being. I refilled my own cup. All these lessons would have never come to pass if I had not lost my job in 2008. If I had not lost my secure, safe haven I would not have ventured out into the unknown.

Fast forward to 2020. Having already been through a period of several significant changes in my life, I was mentally and emotionally prepared for anything. Little did I realise how much that would serve me as the entire globe was faced with change and uncertainty. This time I was aware and saw the signs of my business slowing down, which enabled me to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for a possible sudden change – which came to fruition much sooner than anticipated. This mindset also allowed me to pick up my head, clear my vision and take notice of new opportunities around me that were previously floating by. The winds of change and ebb and flow of the rivers of life may demolish our castles to the ground, but this allows our creativity to emerge. We design and build new ones day in and day out, with consistent thoughts, habits and actions.

Let us take the lead from so many global businesses and evolve into e-learning and digital business models. Let us be bold enough to evolve ourselves, changing paths and pivoting into new ones, where needed. Let us innovate towards new “crazy” ideas because it always seems impossible until it’s done. Let us be open to the opportunities that come from crisis, learn from one another, and work together towards a cleaner, brighter, world. Finally, let us hope for a swift and safe step into the future.

Remember, when we reframe impossible we get “I’m Possible”.

Welcome to Pivot Point, your critical partner for success. Technical skills can be taught but attitude is everything. Let’s reframe and pivot together. Unlock your potential and access your growth mindset with Pivot Point.

I founded Pivot Point after the second forced career change in my life. Having experienced adversity, the greatest lesson I have learned is that the glass is always refillable.

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