How to manage our energy

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The whole world is battling another year, an exhausted, depleted instability of the future has drained populations, especially healthcare workers and also mothers.

Sarah Kelmata share’s with us tips on how to manage our energy

RELAX.REFRESH.RECHARGE In this talk, Sarah Kalmeta – a success coach, co-founder of Aveita limited and Founder of Pivot Point International will share tips and ideas on how to manage our energy and remove negative thoughts. Being a mother, how you can build a strong foundation by daily practice, calm and confidence? Sarah will suggest some changes to be made in our lifestyle for integrating it with mind and soul.

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This blog is written by Sarah Kalmeta, former senior leader in the corporate world and founder of Pivot Point. Focusing on those going through transition, Sarah explores the other side of high performance and the impact it has on peoples’ lives, both personally and professionally. She has an integrated approach to address the triangle of “Mind, Body and Spirit” to work with executives, young professionals and those starting out in their career to enhance their professional presence, maintain healthy boundaries and live authentic lives while addressing the symptoms of burnout and overwhelm.

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