Pivot During Times of Change

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Podcasts | 0 comments

The toe pick is crucial to being able to pivot, however, it often causes beginners to stumble. With awareness, lots of practice and the willingness to get back up again, pivots start to appear graceful and effortless. Likewise, in life, when we stumble, we can pivot back into success and opportunity. Sarah and I discuss pursuing your passions, embracing change, overcoming obstacles, self care and positive mindset. Sarah gives us some brilliant tips to move forward into 2021 by living a life of alignment with self awareness and self compassion.


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This blog is written by Sarah Kalmeta,ย former senior leader in the corporate world andย founder of Pivot Point. Focusing on those going through transition, Sarah explores the other side of high performance and the impact it has on peoples’ lives, both personally and professionally. She has an integrated approach to address the triangle of “Mind, Body and Spirit” to work with executives, young professionals and those starting out in their career to enhance their professional presence, maintain healthy boundaries and live authentic lives while addressing the symptoms of burnout and overwhelm.

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