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You need to push yourself out of that comfort zone and face your fears. It’s all about getting intentional with your idea, rebuilding your trust, instilling the positivity mindset that you can do it, setting your boundaries right, and learning to say no. Rather than having a to-do list, have a start date of when you’re going to start on your project.

Sarah recently spoke on the Ordinary to Extraordinary Podcast with Jamie Brown about how changing your perception and getting out of your comfort zone can change your life.

In this session, Sarah shares her journey from her passion for Ice Skating as a young girl, her dream of being an astronaut, her journey working in the aviation industry, and leaving aviation to pursue entrepreneurship. Being in the employment industry for fifteen years, she explains her battle in quitting the comfort zone, being intentional with your business plan as well as building resilience.

Listen to the Podcast

Highlights From The Episode

[00:50] About Sarah Kalmeta
[03:15] Moving from Ice Skating to Aviation
[09:32] Sarah’s journey from aviation to entrepreneurship
[18:11] Sarah’s daily routine
[20:08] Te gratitude practice
[22:30] Benefits of practising Yoga
[25:29] Sarah’s inspiration to doing Reiki
[33:26] Networking through social media platforms
[34:26] Setting your boundaries and learning to say No
[38:15] Rebuilding the trust within yourself
[40:17] A day in the life with Sarah
[43:53] A to-do list versus a done list
[46:58] To connect with Sarah

Notable Quotes

Movement is medicine. When we are feeling stuck, emotionally, physically, or mentally, if we are not moving our bodies, we really get cemented in one place.

Having a gratitude practice helps you find the moments you are grateful for each day.

If you wake up in the morning and think today will be a shit day, it’s going to be correct. You will find all the reasons to confirm that your day is horrible.

If it’s meant to happen, it will be. It is not going to happen in three seconds.

We are all afraid to say no, but it all boils down to the three human fears: fear of abandonment, rejection, and death. The first two can lead to the third one.

We seek approval because we do not feel safe and secure in ourselves.

We all have the power to do all those things, but often we have layers of conditioning from our culture, upbringing, and experiences.

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

Instead of having a do-by date, have a start date.

Mentioned Book

Stress Less. Achieve More.: Simple Ways to Turn Pressure into a Positive Force in Your Life by Aimee Bernstein

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