When You Feel the Need to Speed Up, Slow Down | Sarah The Pivoter & Sarah Keates

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Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. Why? because trying to be perfect all the time will lead to self-sabotaging yourself. You tend to lose sight of the bigger picture and sometimes letting go of the nuances you want to get right, might get your back off some added pressure.

Three reasons why you need to cut yourself some slack and take it slow :

  1. You will find yourself in situations where you’re unable to make decisions because you always want to get it perfect.
  2. You will get in your own way. Perfectionism is not a helpful trait and while working under pressure it’s more a bane than a boon.
  3. You will have high standards and expecting the same from your colleagues at work is more work load on you.

So what can you do? Pause and slow down. Making mistakes is totally okay and sometimes not being perfect is the key to growth.

Find out more in the latest Podcast where I speak to Sarah Keates – Founder of White Orchid Insights

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