Navigate life’s changes and embrace emotional mastery, healthy boundaries and communication.

A holistic approach, addressing the Mind, Body and Soul to help you Reframe and build new neural pathways through micro-steps and unique, science-backed approaches.


Energy Reset

30 Micro-Habits for Success

Join me for a condensed and concise daily practice designed for busy, high performance focused individuals. This course requires a commitment of just 3 minutes per day and will:

– Bolster your toolkit for mental health, wellbeing, and productivity.
– Help you re-focus and redefine limiting thoughts.
– Get you mentally and physically ready to face the world calmly and confidently.

How to Build Deeper Authenticity

SUCCESS with Sarah The Pivoter

Signature Programme

Feeling stuck? Frustrated with a lack of progress Craving change and ready to reach new goals?

Move past fear & doubt and fast-track straight to the clarity and confidence you need to truly succeed. Learn to Master your Mind and retune for Sustainable SUCCESS.

Get strategies and support to manage it all – without losing your mind. Learn The Power of the Pivot, reimagine success and ACE life in 3 easy steps.

“I cannot emphasise how amazing Sarah is with her work. I’ve had several Energy Reset sessions and always walk away feeling energised, motivated and empowered to take action. Her work and wisdom has made a big impact in terms of my relationships with people, including myself, and my mental health in general.”

Ready to Pivot?

Don’t be afraid to start over. This time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.

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