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Reiki is a Japanese stress-reducing technique that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing the body and mind into balance. A Reiki practitioner creates a supportive environment for the individual receiving, so that they can relax and feel nourished and at ease. Reiki has been found effective in treating hyper arousal, anxiety, panic and tension induced physical pain and is utilised by the US military.

I would also be delighted to do an energy exchange if you would like to offer your practice, products or services in exchange for a reiki session sometime.

I had a session with Sarah over NYE. A very special moment. I went with an open heart, even though I had a reiki session the previous year with another practitioner where I ended up disappointed because I felt like nothing happened. I decided to take a shot when Sarah offered, and the experience I had was beyond feelings and thoughts. When Sarah offered 3 months later to give another go, I jumped on the opportunity. And it went … beyond beyond! Better than a foot massage, seriously. After the session, I felt so relaxed, loved and eased. I was flying, literally!! 

To all the skeptical, and all the believers, I highly recommend Sarah’s work. Reiki is non-invasive and super efficient for stress management.

– Cindy Rachel Guedej

My reiki session with Sarah was blissful. I didn’t realise how much I needed it until afterwards when I immediately noticed feeling calmer, rested and more grounded. Sarah emits a positive energy which is both encouraging & supportive. It was a wonderful session, and I look forward to the next one!

– Dr. Tess Browne

Sarah is a really skilled reiki practitioner. I had done reiki a few times previously with other practitioners, and came away feeling like energy had been cleared, but always tired – almost like a hangover feeling. After Sarah’s session I felt lighter, more energised, and physically felt like energetic blockages had been shifted. She has such a warm and calm energy; I highly recommend her to everyone! She’s the real deal!

– Ziggy

My Reiki session with Sarah was as relaxing as it was powerful. After some health challenges I’ve been experiencing lately, I felt my energy was a little off balance and wanted to help my body recover. Sarah’s healing put me in a very comfortable state, and the shifts I noticed during the session were very much in alignment with what I needed to resolve.

I’ve been feeling a lot less pain and more emotionally balanced since then.


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