“Her endless enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy is infectious”


I have worked with Sarah for almost five years and can attest to her outstanding attributes as a leader, team member, and consummate professional.

In 2016, Sarah was appointed as Head of AsBAA’s corporate social responsibility education projects during the rebrand from “Student Chapter” to “AsBAA Discovery”. It was my honour to lead on the rebrand and work with Sarah to take AsBAA Discovery from a small CSR project to a regional mission to bridge the gap between the next generation with careers in business aviation.

Sarah is a pleasure to work with; simply put – she gets the job done with outstanding quality, every time. Her endless enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy is infectious – leading to outstanding outcomes for those she has helped.

Sarah has a passion for learning; this is evident in her commitment to her own professional development, and that of others.

She possesses a relentless drive for personal improvement, which is a quality that has inspired many to do the same. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah for projects relating to professional development, mentorship, education, and corporate training.

Founder White Orchid Insights – Sarah Keates

Sarah is a dynamic, enthusiastic and supportive mentor.

I remember as I reached out to her and got to speak with her, she made me feel so comfortable and was extremely encouraging.

In my conversations, her resilient nature immediately stood out to me and this was critical as I first interacted with her during the challenging COVID-19 period.

She was able to provide me with actionable insights and advice I could apply and that helped me greatly in my endeavours. Her extensive experience in business aviation and drive to build awareness around it is noteworthy and she advised me of many events in the community that I could be a part of to augment my knowledge in the field. She is able to break complex problems into simpler ones to tackle in a structured manner.

Sarah is an excellent communicator and very empathetic, and was able to understand me in a short span of time and give me great advice. I am grateful for having the opportunity to know her and learn from her and would recommend her to my peers as a mentor.

HKU MBA Candidate – Aakriti Jain

Sarah was my very first manager, when I started my career in business aviation. She hired me as an intern and offered me a full time position upon graduating.

Sarah believes in giving people opportunities and exploring their inner potential. She is someone who inspires me and the women in the business aviation industry look up to her as well.

Over the course of working with Sarah, I have always admired her work ethic and her attitude of giving a 100% in everything she does. Even to this date, I still consider her as my mentor and we work together; as volunteers for AsBAA Discovery. It is a non- profit organization, where we help educate students in Asia about the importance of business aviation.

Sarah leads the AsBAA Discovery organization in Asia and it is very rewarding to be working with her in growing this initiative.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of having Sarah as my manager & mentor very early on in my career, as she helped me maximize my potential, which has allowed me to grow professionally and excel in my career. Most recently, she helped me pivot into my current role at AXA.

Assistant Portfolio Manager at AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited


Vrushali Suvarna

Sarah is one of the most tremendously resourceful, detail-oriented, and adept colleagues I’ve had.

During our time collaborating to launch and manage a talent development and learning program for employees throughout the Asia-Pacific Region, Sarah showed true care for her colleagues by recognizing each individual’s unique qualities and strengths. She is an incredibly hard worker, ready at a moment’s notice to pitch in.

Sarah is a leader who leads by example: she’s efficient, outgoing, results-driven and full of enthusiasm. In addition, Sarah is very approachable and having her as a thought partner has been outstanding. I cannot recommend Sarah enough and I truly hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future.

EF Education First – Tyler Losey

Sarah was strong in her leadership abilities and working as a cultural conduit with our Headquarters and APAC.

She has solid communication with a good presence with training and coaching others.

She has emotional intelligence as up and coming talent.

I highly recommend Sarah for any leadership role where she is able to coach and lead others.

Universal Weather & Aviation – Veronica Delgado

After over 2 years of working with Sarah, I am always very impressed by her determination and passion on helping the young aviators in the industry.

With many years of experience in Business Aviation, she is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to mentor and coach anyone in need of help.

Sarah will go all out in helping and educating her juniors and she is definitely someone you can go to for guidance or advice.

ERAU Asia – Simon Chee

Sarah and I started working together after a causal coffee chat on how our organisations, AsBAA and HKUST, might work together. A causal discussion then turned into a long-term partnership between our organisations. 

For the past few years, her initiatives have provided valuable opportunities for our students to learn about the business aviation industry and gain real-life experience in business problem solving through various consulting projects she facilitated. Students also learned business and networking skills from Sarah through her guest lectures and subsequent mentoring.

Sarah’s can-do attitude and positive energy has always been a great inspiration for me. Her new company, Pivot Point, is perfectly positioned to further support initiatives with career training at HKUST MBA.

We look forward to having Sarah continue to coach our students, lead workshops and facilitate further learning initiatives and recommend her services to those seeking personal and professional development.

HKUST MBA School – Chris Yip

Sarah took over the student and youth outreach program of the Asian Business Aviation Association in the spring of 2017. Since then she has successfully re-branded the program as AsBAA Discovery, as the program helps students and aviation enthusiasts to discover career opportunities within the business aviation sector.

Under Kalmeta’s leadership, the program grew in size and breadth as guest lectures, workshops, visits to member companies and cross-country field trips were organised.

A new student membership category was created in 2019 with a focus on delivering content for those about to graduate and enter the workforce. With global changes, Sarah the team quickly started making Discovery Digital content to keep students up to date on how the industry is doing and how they can stay relevant, resilient and flexible in trying times.

Despite being a volunteer and member-led association, Sarah puts her full effort, attention and passion into the program, and we are both grateful and proud to see its development.

Her enthusiasm for developing talent and connecting with others is evident and contagious, and she comes highly respected in our industry.

I highly recommend Sarah and her new company, Pivot Point, to those seeking an engaging public speaker, facilitator or people development service.

Chairman AsBAA – Wu Zhendong
Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic trainers I have met. Her passion to help deepen interests and foster young talent into professionals in the workplace really impresses me.

From the successful launch and operation of AsBAA Discovery, the Asian Business Aviation Associations youth development program, Sarah has distinguished herself as a highly respected ambassador to the business aviation community. I have witnessed Sarah using her exceptional skills and knowledge in creating joint programmes with many renowned institutions across Asia-Pacific. Under her leadership, AsBAA Discovery has become the pathway for young enthusiasts to get into business aviation.

Sino Jet – Jenny Lau

Working with Sarah for almost three years was a very fruitful experience for me and the rest of our team. Sarah is an example of a strong woman and a great leader of today – exceptional, confident and full of passion for her team. Under Sarah’s leadership, I was able to learn and grow myself both personally and professionally. Sarah recognised that proper delegation, communication, and the setting of priorities and goals as a team helped us to feel empowered and self-motivated. She gave us tools to shift our mindset and develop sustainable habits, which helped us to develop not only our capabilities but also our confidence. Sarah’s approach is holistic and she was always aware of work-life integration to avoid burnout; the team dynamic greatly improved with her guidance and support.

Sarah serves as a model of cooperation, sharing, goodwill and selfless leadership; I wouldn’t be the manager I am today without her guidance. She illuminated the path forward and helped me to realise my own capability and potential.”

Universal Aviation Philippines – Rubie Sobremonte

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