Ace Life

Self-doubt, negativity and people pleasing have no place in the life you are meant to rock.

Pivot Point programmes help you uncover the blind spots holding you back and give you strategies to show up, take action and ACE the life you long for.

You’re in the right place if your life looks rosy on the surface, yet…

There’s an uneasy feeling in your chest. You’re feeling a little like Alice-after falling down the rabbit hole. You try harder, you smile brighter, but nobody sees or hears you. You feel about as worn down and unappreciated as a blunt knife.

Plus there’s a million and one should dos racing around your head: drink more water, do more work, make more money, reduce plastic, sleep more, balance work and family. It’s endless.

It gets worse. If you stop for a second, your own Red Queen takes control: “Why bother?” “You’re useless.” “Your work is useless.” “Everyone else does it better,” she tells you. “Who the hell do you think you are?” “Quit dreaming.” “Off with your head!” You wish she’d disappear.

No wonder all those hours you spent sending emails, creating PowerPoints on Saturdays and being extra nice to Wayne in Sales (he’s quite the Mad Hatter) are starting to feel wasted and pointless.

Honestly, when you get real, you know you can’t keep living this same old tarnished story. If only you could find that infuriating White Rabbit, get some answers and climb out of the rabbit hole.

But deep down you know that there’s truth to your fears.

You KNOW there really is more out there, you just need to find the right key for the right door.

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.”


Enter Sarah-The-Pivoter

Why life coaching with Pivot Point?

Hint: It’s all about finding the right path.

I’ve been living and teaching the power of the pivot for a long time.

After 15 years working in a fast-paced, dynamic corporate environment I know first-hand the demands of an always-on lifestyle and I’m more passionate than a kid with a triple-scoop cone about helping people step away from the grind to rediscover a life they love. Hey, I’ve done it.

I also know that actually stepping off the treadmill is confronting, scary, even paralysing. (Which is why so many of us continue telling ourselves it isn’t that bad – and reach for the vodka when the voices saying otherwise get too loud).

We both know that self-driven, ambitious go-getters like us are no strangers to rolling up our sleeves and pitching in. Amen.

But when I taught only desires + goals + changing habits, my clients were already too burned out and disillusioned to take real action.

There was a little, itty-bitty piece missing.

Yes I’m talking mind work!!!

I got trained in all things well-being and mindset. With that in place, my clients find the clarity and focus they need to take their brains off autopilot and jump back in the cockpit ready and able to make real, lasting action. No added caffeine necessary.

You don’t have to storm out of the office Jerry Maguire style, or switch up your cubicle for a commune. (Not unless you decide that is how your particular success flavour tastes).

In fact, because you’re less stressed, less drained and more focused, you’re 3 billion times (or thereabouts) more likely to see your capacity grow and your performance soar – whether you recommit to your current career or mastermind a whole new Plan A.

Coaching with me at Pivot Point helps you re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be, and gives you all the support and tools you need to get there. Occasionally, I may even bake waffles for you. (We all need treats!)

So let me ask you. Are you ready to invest in the brightest, ballsiest, bestest thing out there?

Oh, stop playing coy! Of course I mean YOU!

Go big investing in yourself and watch big changes happen in your life

Get started with life coaching at Pivot Point

Li Shu, Dentist, CJ Dental Care

“They say interpersonal relationships are the leading cause of stress, and Sarah tapped into her rich background in managing groups to provide insight into my own struggles and stress, while providing resources for me to work on in between sessions.

She’s also warm and relatable, and allowed me to open up with ease on many of my insecurities.”

Get with the programme

Choose your transformation plan

SUCCESS with Sarah The Pivoter

Transformative Group Coaching
12 weeks +

Frustrated with a lack of progress? Can’t say no? Afraid you just can’t do it?

Move past fear & doubt and fast-track straight to the clarity and confidence you need to truly succeed.

My powerful signature group programme will teach you to Master your Mind and retune for sustainable SUCCESS.

  • Reset and reprioritise your business, career and your life. Discover exactly what gets you fired up and ready to win.
  • Unlock new trust and self-belief. Figure out what’s been tripping you up and how to stop making the same mistakes over again.
  • Take back control of your thoughts, muscle in on your self-doubt and show your imposter syndrome to go fix itself. Is that calm and clarity calling? Oh yes, I believe it is.

Redefine your idea of success, and create a life fully in tune with your own dreams and desires and then? ACE it.

30-day Mindset Reboot

30 Days

Stress is never a good look, so take these simple daily ideas and actions and give your life back sparkle and glow.

Delivered by me daily, by video, in your inbox, in three minutes or less, I promise.

  • Tips and tools to release stress and boost your positivity. Hello, glass half-full!
  • Get more focus than a Nikon and watch your productivity bloom.
  • Squash anxiety-producing behaviours and give your fears the finger.

All my life-coaching iced gems in an easy, snackable format.


In-Person & Remote
60 Minutes

Reiki is a traditional Japanese therapy and shifts energy blocks that can cause health issues and negative life circumstances. Call it acupuncture without the needles.

  • Slow down, deeply relax and get more sleep.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and boost your mood.
  • Ease physical pain and recover from trauma.

Bring your body back to balance, restore and recharge.


Small Group and One-on-One Sessions
60-90 minutes

I call my empowering versatile vinyasa yoga “grow with the flow.”

Regulate your body and mind – no fancy poses or toe-touching abilities required.

  • Conquer fears as you strengthen your body and increase your skill.
  • Improve posture and strength as you work towards inversions, backbends and meditation.
  • Leave ego and comparison behind as you reconnect to your true self and others.

Move your body and settle your mind.

Executive Coaching

By Hour, Day or Week
Tailored-for-You Training

In today’s gruelling business climate, retaining and training team members is as easy as climbing Everest blindfolded in bare feet.

My tailored training empowers your workforce and executes results-oriented change.

  • Train highly motivated leaders who set clear expectations and boundaries.
  • Strategies to successfully address burnout and reduce high turnover.
  • How to master clear communication and constructive discussion.

Train your staff to think like leaders and realise the true value of your workforce.

Jax Rennie, Wealth Management Consultant, AIA

“Thank you Sarah for creating a space of me to step a little out of my comfort zone and share a bit of my story and whats in my heart. Not just for me, but other women as well. The crowd you bring in to your events are full of good energy and a testament to the type of people you attract”

Valentina Tudose, Founder, Happy Ever After Asia

“Sarah’s Reiki sessions are real bliss. A chance to relax, reflect and release everything that doesn’t serve you and wake up feeling brand new, balanced and clear of all negative energy. If you’ve never done any energy work and are a bit skeptical, Sarah will change your mind.”

Emilie Ducommun, Transformational Coach

“Sarah is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her instructions are very clear, smooth and easy to follow, even for a beginner like me. Her voice, volume and tone are perfect and she is able to create a very warm and relaxing atmosphere. I love her Grow with the Flow class, which is relaxing and energising at the same time. She is everything you want in a yoga instructor.”

Can’t decide?

Let’s talk it through.

Book a complimentary discovery call and let’s figure out which programme will help you move from fear to confidence into a life you love more than waffles with extra syrup.

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