On the Horizon – What does 2021 have in store for Pivot Point and YOU?

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Thank you for your support in 2020 as I pivoted. It means more to me than you might know. This is me – real, raw and genuine. Continuous improvement and living life fully every day is my jam! I love nature and having adventures with people I truly can connect with. 2020 has brought more of this into my life, and it will be something that stays with me in 2021 and beyond.

Stay tuned for my new offerings and workshops, including some exciting collaborations, launching in 2021!

1. Holistic Coaching for Individuals

Reframe and shift your mindset to start living life more authentically with Pivot Point as your success partner. Learn how to make conscious decisions, design and implement micro-habits and life systems while unlocking your full potential for a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

2. Building Professional Presence

  • Presentations & Public Speaking
  • Customer Service & Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Managing Up & Down in the Workplace

3. Success for Young Professionals

Build confidence and conviction while maintaining healthy boundaries. Learn how to manage yourself, a team and your business without burning out from someone who has been there, done that!

4. Careers Counselling

Unsure of the direction to take? Let’s work together to uncover your WHY and prepare for success.

  • LinkedIn Development to Stand Out
  • Interview Preparation & Practice
  • Learning How to Network

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This blog is written by Sarah Kalmeta, former senior leader in the corporate world and founder of Pivot Point. Focusing on those going through transition, Sarah explores the other side of high performance and the impact it has on peoples’ lives, both personally and professionally. She has an integrated approach to address the triangle of “Mind, Body and Spirit” to work with executives, young professionals and those starting out in their career to enhance their professional presence, maintain healthy boundaries and live authentic lives while addressing the symptoms of burnout and overwhelm.

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